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Language files

Language Files

Download the latest selection of the language files for DeepBurner from this page. The files may be used as for the Free as for the Pro versions of the program.

Language Download Link
Basque DeepBurnerEuq.lng
Bulgarian DeepBurnerBgr.lng
Bosnian DeepBurnerBos.lng
Czech DeepBurnerCsy.lng
Danish DeepBurnerDan.lng
Estonian DeepBurnerEti.lng
Finnish DeepBurnerFin.lng
French (France) DeepBurnerFra.lng
French (Canada) DeepBurnerFrc.lng
German DeepBurnerDeu.lng
Hungarian DeepBurnerHun.lng
Italian DeepBurnerIta.lng
Japanese DeepBurnerJpn.lng
Nederlands DeepBurnerNld.lng
Polish DeepBurnerPlk.lng
Portuguese (Brazil) DeepBurnerPtb.lng
Portuguese (Portugal) DeepBurnerPtg.lng
Romanian DeepBurnerRom.lng
Russian DeepBurnerRus.lng
Slovak DeepBurnerSky.lng
Slovenian DeepBurnerSlv.lng
Spanish DeepBurnerEsn.lng
Swedish DeepBurnerSve.lng
Turkish DeepBurnerTur.lng
Ukrainian DeepBurnerUkr.lng

Installation Instructions

  • Download the language file by right clicking on it and choosing Save Target As..
  • Rename the file to DeepBurner.lng
  • Copy the file into DeepBurner's directory and start the program
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