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If you experience any problem with DeepBurner Pro you should follow these steps to find a solution:

1.First make sure, that you have installed the latest version  
2.Read the FAQ for an answer  
3.Read the known problems below this text  
4.Visit our online support community forum at and post your problem.  
5.If you still have not found the answer, do not hesitate to contact us at  

Known Problems and solutions

I get an ASPI initialization error.
Try to disable "initialize system ASPI first" in Recorder -> Settings. If this does not help install the latest ASPI drivers. Here are some download-links: (ASPI drivers explained + download) Pro/aspi_471a2.exe

I get following error message: writer error (illegal request (invalid field in cdb))
This is a bufferunderrun-error. Please try the following to solve your problem:

1. Reboot the computer before you begin to make sure the operating system is completely stable (You never know after running a few games).
2. Terminate all programs apart from the cd-burning-software.
3. Don't use your CD-writers maximum burning speeds. If your writer can burn at 4x use 2x, if can handle 8x use 4x and so on. This way, the CPU will only have to send half as much data to keep the buffer full. Making the whole process less sensitive to errors.
4. Try increasing the priority of the CD-burning software. 
5. Always cache to hard drive before burning.

I can't burn if I use my limited account on Windows 2000/XP.
This is a problem with Windows 2000 and XP. If you want to burn without administrative rights, try this program:
If that doesn't work, try this:;act=ST;f=17;t=1