Drive and medium info, data extraction
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If you want to get information either about your writing drive or about a medium that's in it or extract data from a CD or DVD, click on Recorder->Drive and medium info from the main menu.


The left part of the next window shows you the detailed information about your drive (what kind of mediums it supports, the maximum recording speeds, whether the drive supports advanced technologies like buffer underrun protection or not and what writing methods can be used with this particular drive). You can also see the session info for the medium, its type and capacity, free and used space.


The right side of the window shows you contents of each session that is on a CD or DVD. You can extract files from a particular session by selecting the files you want to extract and then clicking on the Extract files from selected session icon.


You will then be asked to select the folder where the program extracts selected files to. Select the folder and clisk Ok.