Frequently Asked Questions
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Thess are the Frequently asked questions. If you have a question or a problem, you should first look here for an answer.

How much can I burn on 1 CD?
Usually up to 650 Mb/74 min or 700 Mb/80 min depending on the particular type of CD-R.

I have 16x10x40 CD Writer but it only allows me to record CD-Rs at 10x speed. Why?
Some new types of CDRs that support recording speeds up to 52x aren't fully compatible with old CD Writers with the "high speed" mark and fully support only those with the "ultra speed" sign.

I've heard that it was possible to burn 90min CD-Rs. How can I do that?
Your CD Writer should support this type of CDR and must have the overburning feature.

How many times can I write on a CD-RW disk before it becomes useless?
We cannot give you the specific number since it depends on many things like: manufacturer of the CD-RW, max and min allowable writable speeds, how old the disk is, etc. The number may vary from 100 to 1000 times.

How many songs can be recorded on an audio CD?
As many songs as would fit into CD-Rs capacity, which is usually limited to 74 or 80 mins.

Does DeepBurner create intermediate, temporary WAV files when burning audio CDs from MP3 files?
Yes, DeepBurner creates a temporary wav files if you burn mp3-files on an audio cd. This files are deleted when you close the audio-cd layout or the whole program.

Your program is unable to find my CD/DVD burner!
Try to uncheck the ASPI driver box under Recorder->Settings before initializing the drive.

I want to make my own translation for DeepBurner. How do I do that?
The language file is located in the program directory of DeepBurner (DeepBurner.lng). You can open and edit it with your favourite text editor or Windows Notepad.
You only have to translate the part between "<" and ">", a "&" before a letter makes it to a hotkey. If you are going to translate DeepBurner into a new language, you should first contact us ( so that you don't translate DeepBurner into a language that already exists.

How do I finalize a disc?
DeepBurner does not support this yet. However, the disk is finalizaed automatically if you're burning in no-multisession mode.

How can I remove the 2 sec - pause between the audio tracks?
Disc-at-Once burning method should be used in this case for recording audio discs.

My antivirus/anti-trojan software reports a trojan/keylogger/virus in DeepBurner files. Is it true?
Of course it's not true. DeepBurner doesn't contain any spyware, adware or any other malicious programs embedded. Please contact the producer of your antivirus software and let them know about the false positive alarm. Please remember that you can save other people's time and nerves by doing this :) Thank you.